A Fire in the Sky - New York City

New Yorkers are no stranger to the random downpour of rain, sometimes only lasting five minutes. Yesterday we had what seemed like a Tropical Storm, and after....was this sky.

I noticed the pink sunset reflecting off of the buildings outside my window. So I grabbed my camera, ran outside and up the Highline stairs, and began capturing it's beauty. 


Photo by Kristen Blush

Photo by Kristen Blush

Your Story by Kristen Blush - Shannon Truax

New York City has some of  the world’s brightest professionals in today’s digital world. Last week I introduced Shannon Truax, Head of Social at iCrossing. iCrossing is part of the Hearst Corporation, located within their iconic Tower in NYC.  All photos by Kristen Blush.

Raw Artist Showcase

I was invited to showcase my photography portfolio in the NYC RAW Artist exhibit. It was exciting to print and share all of the new portfolio work I have been producing over the last 6 months. I also included some exceptional work from when I lived in Seattle.

Your Story by Kristen Blush - Betty Rose

This week during Your Story by Kristen Blush I featured New York City Tattoo Artist Betty Rose. Enjoy this extended set of images from my shoot, and catch the series daily on Instagram at @KristenBlush. 

Your Story by Kristen Blush - Kendy Gable

This was a very special Your Story by Kristen Blush with NYC Singer/Songwriter Kendy Gable. Kendy and I used this week to tell her story through photography and her song lyrics.

Your Story by Kristen Blush - Daniel Koye

Last week, I took you exclusively behind the scenes into the sparkling world of Danniel Koye, Entrepreneur & Creator of DKOYE the product! See the full Instagram photo set here, as well as additional images that were not published until now!

Your Story by Kristen Blush - Red Hook Crit

When Entrepreneur David Trimble started the Red Hook Criterium in 2008, the race was held on the open street in Brooklyn. Now held at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, the race has grown into an international celebration of the world’s fittest Men and Women Cyclists. In addition to New York City, the Red Hook Crit is now performed in London, Barcelona, and Milano, annually.

Enjoy this photo set here, and on Instagram!