Hillary Clinton and Kristen Blush pose with Kristen's book, The Revolution Is Female. Photo by Nick Merrill. New York, NY
June 7, 2016 - Brooklyn Navy Yard, New York
Copies of The Revolution Is Female by Kristen Blush. New York, NY
June 7, 2016 - Brooklyn Navy Yard, NYC
Left: Hillary Clinton Supporter Kindra Meyer on election day. Right: Collection of political and activist buttons. New York, NY
Left: Clinton supporters rally at the Brooklyn Navy Yard prior her speech. Right: Hillary Clinton and daughter Chelsea Clinton celebrate a day of Primary victories. June 7, 2016. Brooklyn, NY
With her hand on her heart, Hillary Clinton takes a moment to appreciate he victorious moment. June 7, 2016. Brooklyn, NY.
Ray Frederick is ready for Hillary. New York, NY
Kirsten Gillibrand, Gabriel Giffords, Hillary Clinton, and Cecile Richards speak at the "Get Out The Vote" rally in New York City Hilton. April 18, 2016. New York, NY
Hillary Clinton is joined by her family on New York State's Democratic Primary Day. April 19, 2016. New York, NY
Artist Gretchen Baer exits her Hillary art car in Naco, Mexico. March 2018
Hillary Clinton rallies at Rutger's University. June 2016. Newark, NJ
John Bon Jovi, Hillary Clinton & Cory Booker rally in Rutger's University. June 2016. Newark, NJ
Left: Clinton supporter Kory Gittens celebrates PRIDE month. Brooklyn, NY. Right: Jennifer McCann leads Hillary for America volunteers at the New Hope PRIDE Parade. June 2016. New Hope, PA.
Lee Frederick Celebrates PRIDE. June 2016. Brooklyn, NY
Hillary for America marches in New York City PRIDE. June 2016. New York, NY
Hillary Clinton launches her LGBT for Hillary campaign in New York City. March 2016. New York, NY
Fashion icon, Anna Wintour, hosts the "Made for History" fundraiser at New York Fashion Week. September 2016. New York, NY
Chelsea Clinton and Demi Lovato join on the stage during the "Made for History" New York Fashion Week fundraiser. September 2016. New York, NY
Lee Frederick attends a Babes For Hillary Meet-up in Central Park. 2016. New York, NY
Election Day at The Javits Center. November 8, 2016. New York, NY
Gretchen Baer proudly supports Hillary Clinton - 2016
I Voted - Brooklyn Navy Yard - June 8, 2016
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