Kristen Blush has contributed to BUST magazine in a variety of ways. She has done event photography at Brooklyn Fashion Week, as well as Craftacular, and Makerfair, where she shared images live via Instagram, and well as featured selections in the print edition of the magazine. Blush captured portraits of activist Linda Sarsour for a full page feature in the printed edition of the magazine. Other activist rallies Blush captured for BUST include: New York City PRIDE March, International Women’s Day, and May Day rally in Foley Square. She also has shot food, Halloween and Christmas DIY tutorials, Katy Perry and Ragina Spektor live in concert, and was featured as a contributing artist in the magazine’s print edition. in 2017.

Kristen Blush is a wonderful photographer, and has shot many times for BUST. In addition to shooting live events, she has also done portraits and still life’s for us. She is always responsible and positive, and brings great energy to all that she does. I would highly recommend Kristen for shoots.

Blush managed BUST Magazine’s Inastgram page while on assignment. This included uploading original content and captions, tagging and using relevant hashtags, and engaging visitors.