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Your Story by Kristen Blush - Red Hook Crit

When Entrepreneur David Trimble started the Red Hook Criterium in 2008, the race was held on the open street in Brooklyn. Now held at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, the race has grown into an international celebration of the world’s fittest Men and Women Cyclists. In addition to New York City, the Red Hook Crit is now performed in London, Barcelona, and Milano, annually.

Enjoy this photo set here, and on Instagram!

Your Story by Kristen Blush - Jenny Belin

During last week's #YourStorybyKristenBlush, I took you behind the scenes with Brooklyn Painter Jenny Belin! Enjoy the original series posted daily to Instagram, as well as additional images exclusively seen here on my blog.

Thank you for viewing! All photos by Kristen Blush.

Your Story by Kristen Blush - John Brandon

#YourStorybyKristenBlush is a seven part Instagram photo series beginning every Sunday. Each day of the week, a new part of Your Story is revealed. Last week we met the super talented, Brooklyn based Musician, John Brandon

Here you may see the series in full, plus added behind the scenes photos not shown on Instagram! If you would like to follow along daily via Instagram, please follow @KristenBlush!

Thank you so much for viewing!